Our Team

John has an MBA, BE (Elect), Grad Dip Eng (Industrial), and Grad Dip Applied Finance & Investment. His background is investment banking and management with extensive experience in commercialising early stage.The CEO specialisation covers relationships with governments, distributors, markets & regions, and achievement of the structure & sales via projects & milestones.

Email: john@airfuturegroup.com.au 

Mick has had an extensive career as a director in farming, investing, and industrial property. His very broad experience and contacts are invaluable together with the critical function of shareholder relations and promotion.

He is committed to seeing the MDI compressed air technology to be implemented in Australia, New Zealand & Pacific.

Email: mick@airfuture.co.nz 

Russell has been executive chairman since 1999. He has built up a valuable global network of contacts and fostered a close relationship with MDI. He has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to Air Future’s shareholders and the protection of AFL’s key assets. He has extensive director, business & corporate governance experience and is looking forward to this next stage of the Company – commercialisation.

Email: russell@airfuture.co..nz

MDI Our Partners

Cyril Negre


Cyril is the President of MDI and Director of MDI R & D. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and began his career in Bugatti Automobile car design, joining his family’s company MDI in 1993. Cyril is Air Future Group key contact within MDI and organises the support of their team. Numerous of these focus on support for various areas of our business, for example different applications, pilots and demonstrations.

Annic Negre


Annic is a Director and the wife of the MDI founder, the late Guy Nègre. Annic has been an essential influence in MDI since its inception, and is a great supporter of Australasia. She and her late husband toured Australasia presenting the technology and met with numerous political personnel including regional Lord Mayors in August 2006.

Monique Bertho


Monique is CGM of MDI Group, providing much support and direction for MDI’s external contacts. See at right addressing enthusiastic attendees at an exhibition attended by MDI and below presenting.

Monique Bertho attends and presents in front of the European Parliament in Luxembourg the MDI technology. MDI is building a factory in Luxembourg for a Benelux consortium.