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16 February 2017

Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Russell Fitts and Mick Kain appeared before a Select Committee at Parliament in Wellington  assisted by John Mennega via video link on Thursday 16th February  Submission PDF

Overall Air Future Ltd and Air Volution Ltd supported the Bill’s intentions.

In our oral submissions we commented that rather than the demarcation of certain lanes to enable additional classes of vehicles to be preferential users within a roadway we supported the implementation of an L7E category ( as a preferred means to assist the introduction of low emission and emission free vehicles as a preference to the marking of and enforcement of road lanes.

Given that the MDI engine is an example of energy innovation and emerging energy technologies with the ability for it to scale from small vehicles (i.e. the AirPod) to busses, trucks and industrial engines, we submitted that we would not want compressed air engines excluded from participating in exemptions provided to electric vehicles through any lack of awareness of the significant capabilities of compressed air as an energy source.

To assist the committee we provided the decree of the French Ministry of the Environment and Energy regulation issued on 11th January 2017 as a good example of describing in an inclusive manner low emission vehicles.

16-20 January 2017

The MDI factory is based on a turn key model, so all the MDI factories will be similar.

MDI’s factory in Carros has been mainly used for R&D, however it is now moving towards some production. This enabled us a get a good look at how MDI vehicle factories will look and operate.


The first impression is one of a bright, well organised facility. This will make for a pleasant workplace. Closer examination revealed considerable thought has gone into the production processes and layout to optimise efficiency. The equipment chosen is high quality.


The values that are important in factory operation are safety, quality and efficiency. This is consistent with MDI and the factory they have developed.


We are very confident in MDI and in their CEO Cyril Nègre. MDI has vision, ability and drive to bring about major changes through their air powered engine technology.

 Our Team visit MDI in Carros, France

       From left John Mennega, Annic Nègre, Mick Kain, Paul Gurr, Russell Fitts & Cyril Nègre

   14 December 2016

UN recognizes leadership of MDI in sustainable transport

On this occasion, the United Nations and the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) paid tribute to the leadership and innovative practices of MDI in energy for sustainable transport.

Members of the MDI team attending the ceremony at the UN

    5/7 October 2016

Paul  Gurr, AVL Chief Operating Officer from Sydney (pictured below with  Air Future development team) visited New Zealand for AGM & Air Future Presentations were held in Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland. John Mennega, CEO of Air Volution in Sydney join in via Skype to address the meetings.

Phillip Frobister, Dan Hilgendof, Russell Fitts, Paul Gurr, Mick Kain & Peter Macauly


24 June 2016

New Video showing assembly of AirPod




  Listen to Interview with 
AVL CEO, John Mennega 
Click Here

(8th June 2016)


Friday 6th May 2016 - Air Volution presented the Company to
investors at the Wholesale Investor Network showcase event
held at the Menzies Hotel, Carrington St, Sydney.

If you would like more information please feel free to Contact Us

   New Video   Click Here  In French but worth a look     2015 Aviva 

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Aug 28,  2015 - From Brochure Corporate MDI





July 24, 2014

The AirPod makes the life of a motorist effortless !

In order to optimise parking in the congested roads of the cities, the AirPod was designed without any doors on the sides.

AirPod’s size and agility facilitates parking perpendicular to the pavement, saving considerable space by allowing three AirPods to be parked, side by side, on the spot set aside for one car.

parking 2

That represents a substantial space saving in an inner city like Paris, which has only 150,000 surface parking places for more than 600,000 private vehicles in circulation.

The length of the Original AirPod has been retained in the new Production AirPods for facilitating perdpendicular parking as this proved to be optimal for urban usage.

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July 16, 2014

The AiPod’s Energy Powerhouse.

MDI will regularly publish numerous benefits of the AirPod until the forthcoming production commences in very near future. Once the AirPod is on the road, its unique Features and High-Tech Innovations will be better appreciated by the consumer in real life.

Evolved from a ‘Development Model’, as a result of tens of thousands of hours’ of R & D, Development of the Manufacturing Process and Tests, it includes many innovations and features seen only in luxury super-cars.

The AirPod has two 125 Litres Re-fillable tanks made of Carbon-fibre wound round a thermoplastic liner and can hold Compressed Air up to 248 bars. Their lifespan exceeds 20,000 cycles of re-filling. This is equivalent to 55 years’ of lifetime if re-filled once daily !

The Tanks are positioned on the chassis to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity (compared to AirPod’s ‘Development Model’). When full, the tanks hold up to 70 Kg of Air.


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April 11, 2014

The Management Team of Air Volution visits the Carros Plant

The Air Volution Group, which has acquired the Licenses for AirPod and Power Generators for Australia and New Zealand, visited the MDI Plant in Carros this week. During their visit, the plans for establishing the first Turnkey Plant in the region were finalized. 
Based on MDI Production Concept, which adjures the manufacturer to sell the cars directly to the consumers, this will be the third production plant for the AirPod. 

Cyril Nègre, Annic Nègre, Steve Turner, Russell Fitts, Guy Nègre


Steve Turner

Russell Fitts

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