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Clean Disruption - Why conventional Energy & Transportation will be obsolete by 2030 by Tony Seba

What is Disruption - when a New Product or Service helps create a new market
and significantly weaken, transform, or destroy an existing product, market category / industry

  1. Energy Storage (Compressed Air Tanks instead of batteries)

  2. Electric Vehicles (Air Cars second generation of EV?)

  3. Self-driving Cars

  4. Solar (for Electricity Generation and Vehicles) - 53 mins.

This video confirms what Air Volution is doing even though compressed air or MDI is not mentioned.


Why 2016 Could Be a Turning Point the Energy Revolution

Coal, nuclear, natural gas, renewables, and oil are all going head-to-head for dominance of the energy market - will we see a shift in the balance of power next year? Bloomberg looks at energy trends to watch in 2016.

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