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Russell Fitts, J.P., Director - Air Volution Ltd. Russell has a multidisciplinary background with specialisation in Management and Property Valuation. He has spent a major part of his career farming in New Zealand, during which time he was thoroughly involved in many aspects of the rural community including a private valuation practice and executive responsibilities within the Regional Federated Farmers.

Russell has an in depth understanding and appreciation of the numerous "tools" required to develop social and business opportunities within rural and urban communities.

He has recently completed 4 years employment with the New Zealand Earthquake Commission specialising in complex claims.
He is an Associate Member of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers and a Senior Member of the Property Institute of New Zealand. He holds a Prince2 Foundation Certificate in project management methodology.

Russell is the key personnel in contact with MDI sa and has a very good professional relationship with Annic and Cyril Nègre, the directors of MDI. This close working relationship is important for Air Future Ltd. Russell is a foundation shareholder of Air Future Ltd and has been Chairman of the Company since its inception. Russell plays a key role in ensuring sound corporate governance and a strong corporate culture.

Michael (Mick) Kain, Director - Air Volution Ltd Mick is an foundation shareholder and director of Air Future Ltd and a founding director of Air Volution Ltd.

Previously Mick had an extensive career as a farmer and an investor and director in orchards and industrial property. During his time with Air Future Ltd Mick has been responsible for shareholder relations as well as participating as a director and has proven his commitment to the success of the venture.

He is committed to seeing the MDI compressed air vehicles be implemented for Australia and New Zealand through Air Volution Ltd and sees these technologies as a yet to be discovered answer to future transport requirements.

Mick has a good understanding of the potential of the MDI business model and how it will transform the making and selling of vehicles in the Air Volution license area.

Francis (Pancho) DeNeefe, Director - Air Volution Ltd. Pancho combines a sharp scientific mind with the business acumen he acquired over twenty years in industry and marketing.

Pancho has a physics background and was in charge of R&D for the family business DeNeefe Science.

Pancho is a private businessman with interests in property and the share market.

He took a keen interest in Air Volution’s technology and business and became one of its most enthusiastic private investors. His perseverance both financially and with his time has been of assistance to the Company required for milestones to be achieved, along with the knowledge of appointment of lawyers.

John Mennega, CEO & Director - Air Volution Ltd. John’s qualifications include a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of NSW, a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of NSW and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment from the Australian Securities Institute.

John is Founder of the corporate advisory business Investment Capital, and its successor in 2015 with greater global focus, Compar Capital. John has a wide understanding and involvement and is also a strong supporter of the MDI and
                                  Air Volution business model.

John wrote the inaugural ‘Financial Planning & Investment Course’ for the Australian Securities Institute and was its evening Principle Lecturer. His career experience also includes:

• AMP Capital: Head of Funds Management Services. AMP was Australia's then largest funds manager with $80B under management.
• Colonial Bank: Head of Corporate Services. Prior to the acquisition by CBA, Colonial was Australia's largest bank. Responsibilities for integrating financial services and banking for the business banking division.
• Internal Projects:

  • Platinum Asset Management: Largest independent funds manager with $23B under management headed by its billionaire founder. Headed up internal project responsibilities for expansion into wholesale market.

  • IPAC Securities: Prior to the acquisition by CBA, restructuring of the corporate and wholesale client area of the business. Also chaired the internal general management committee meetings.

• Investment Capital: Founder and CEO of the corporate advisory business from 2002 to 2015.
• Compar Capital: Founder and CEO of the corporate advisory business and Investment Capital successor in 2015 with greater global focus.

Paul Gurr, Chief Operation Officer (COO) - Air Volution, Engineering & Operations Specialist.  Paul has an MBA and an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an engineer holding senior project and product development roles Paul’s hands on experience is extensive spanning project management, costing, product development, process optimisation 3D CAD, engineering management, training and people leadership. With his experience in the manufacturing and energy sectors Paul will provide significant expertise in the deployment of the initial factory, the transfer of the MDI knowledge and overall plant running operations.


Technical Advisors (N.B. Company Directorships are to their own companies)

Dr Cyril Nègre, President of MDI and R & D Department Manager, MDI: 

Cyril is a 36-year-old engineer (PhD Mechanical Engineering) who began his career in 1990 with the computing department of the Bugatti Automobili car design company in Campogaliano, Italy.  He took part in the EB110 and EB112 Projects.  In 1993 he joined MDI to manage MDI’s R & D Department.  He is presently over viewing the final stages of the commercial release of the first series of MDI engines and car.


Guy Nègre – Guy was Founder and Managing Director of Moteur Development International s.a. (MDI).

Guy Nègre 1942 to 2016 – Guy was Founder and Managing Director of Moteur Development International s.a. (MDI). He was the inventor of the MDI Technology. Guy an engineer who has over 100 engine patents to his name, including 3 key patents co-owned with the French oil company ELF and 2 jointly with Institut France du Patrole (French Petroleum Institute). Guy created over 100 engines including Formula 1 and light aircraft engines. He is world renowned for his compressed air engine and the new thermodynamic cycle he invented.
From 1970 to 1975 Guy worked with the RENAULT car manufacturer. From 1976 to 1983, he managed the SACMA Company that produced aircraft engines (financed by the French Government). He then moved on to produce Formula 2 engines. From 1987 to 1991, this led him to manage the MGN Company focused on the design of Formula 1 engines. This is when he acquired international notability.

His work on Formula 1 engines led him to the concept of compressed air engines. In 1991 he incorporated MDI with the aim of designing clean and efficient engines. The initial pioneering work led to the first trials in 1992 of cars running on compressed air. Since then he has produced a series of compressed air engine models to arrive at the present designs that are being readied for commercial release late 2007 and early 2008.Guy is also the inventor and developer of the MDI distributed manufacturing process for all applications of the MDI Technology reducing vehicle manufacturing costs by 75%.

Jim Petrakis, Managing Director, Yella Terra. Some of those key relationships include the Yella Terra group of companies as Independent Technical Advisors.

“Yella Terra has been designing, developing and manufacturing hi performance engine parts in Australia for over fifty years.”

A team from Yella Terra reviewed the MDI technology at MDI in Carros, Nice, France in 2009. They were impressed with the expertise and planning and the potential of the MDI technology. Since then, Yella Terra’s Jim Petrakis has been a keen supporter of the MDI technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Yella Terra, Perfectune Engineering and Bendtech have been in the high performance motor engineering and manufacturing industry for for 45 years.




Anthony Chrisis – Director of Engineering and Compliance, Evo Compliance - Evotive Group Compliancing

Evotive, through its subsidiary business, Evo Compliance, offers compliance on new and used imported vehicles.

Evo Compliance holds diverse and extensive professional experience relevant to Air Volution.

Evo have achieved the full volume compliance of Australia first road registerable electric vehicles, the eGo Electric Scooter and Vectrix Maxi Scooter as well as compliance of the Red Horse and Saxon choppers.

The Evotive Group have extensive service capabilities that are conducive to AVL’s manufacturing and operations.
Air Volution has a strategic relationship with Anthony Chrisis in preparation for compliancing of the Air Volution
series of vehicles.

Evo Compliance retains a 100% success record with the Department of Transport.

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