Moteur Development International s.a. (MDI)

Moteur Development International (MDI) have been developing Compressed Air Technology in France since 1992.
They are now in the process of commercialising the air powered motor vehicles and Air Volution Ltd have the licence to produce
air cars in Australia New Zealand & parts of the Pacific Region

Air Future Ltd (AF)

 Air Future Ltd is the parent company of Air Volution Ltd. Air Future Ltd was originally formed in 1998 with a team to develop mesh
networks and adopted the MDI license as a complimentary technology.  A strong relationship was built with MDI which resulted in
Licences being granted for MDI products in Australia, New Zealand & parts of the South Pacific.
Air Future Ltd was previously named IndraNet Technologies Ltd.

Australian Investor Network (AIN)

Australian Investment Network connecting Australian Entrepreneurs
and Angel Investors

Wholesale Investor Network (WIN)

AVL Team were at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney Friday 6th May 2016 - Air Volution presented the Company to investors at the Wholesale Investor Network showcase event.

Listen to an interview with AVL CEO John Mennega - click here 

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